About ADVANCED BusinessLink

Who We Are

ADVANCED BusinessLink is a global leader in the development of modernization, SOA and mobility solutions for the IBM® System i platform.

Our middleware software products help our customers leverage their legacy investments and skills to evolve their technology in order to keep pace with industry best practices and stakeholder demands.

Our Business Culture

ADVANCED BusinessLink has a unique culture which encourages a high degree of creativity at all levels, a genuine belief in the value and potential of our staff and an insatiable desire to push the envelope of technology to create business advantage.

We have been in business for 30 years. Here are some of our major milestones and accomplishments throughout the years.

12 National & International patents received in the US and Canada from 2015-2018
Celebrates 25 years of being in business
Announces the First Native IBM® System i Service-Oriented Architecture Middleware - Strategi SOA™
Launches Strategi mobileACCESS™ - A unique wireless emulation solution for small mobile devices
Redefines strategic technologies into Legacy, Mobility and Distributed categories, with Mobility and Distributed being pure SOA-based Java technologies, targeting all server platforms.
Prototypes cutting-edge Distributed Application technology.
Pioneers wireless web technology called
pocket Strategi®
Award winning Strategi™ software launched
Develops World's first Java client applet for AS/400, pioneering a change in host access technology that fundamentally changed the industry in following years.
International headquarters moves to Seattle, WA USA
Company name changes to ADVANCED BusinessLink
BusinessLink/REMOTE breaks new ground in dial up communications, sets new industry performance benchmarks.
New offices opened in Melbourne, Australia.
First product (ATFM) launched to market.
ADVANCED Systems Development founded in Sydney, NSW as a boutique consultancy building custom business to business solutions.

Our Core Values

  • Honor God in all we do
  • Conduct business with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and ethics, even in the smallest details
  • Treat fellow staff members and our leadership with respect and dignity at all times
  • Maintain a work environment where rewards are based on contribution, commitment and excellence, not politics, position or popularity
  • Place the needs of our customers above our own and always strive to provide them with the highest levels of value and service
  • Use our business to create ongoing value for our staff, customers and community

Meet our Executive Team


Chris Lategan

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Chris has over 20 years of experience in pioneering technology and business communications. He founded ADVANCED BusinessLink in Sydney, Australia in 1987. His vision for selecting and packaging key emerging technologies soon led BusinessLink to dominate the midrange business communications market n Australia. In 1994, he led the company's international expansion, starting with the North American market.

Chris was born in South Africa, raised and educated in Australia, and now leads BusinessLink from his home in Australia.


Joe Brown

Senior Vice President &
General Manager

Joining ADVANCED BusinessLink in 2001, Joe has over 20 years leadership experience in software development and consulting services. He has enjoyed a rich and diverse career with companies ranging from Microsoft spin-offs to GE Capital and Pacific Telesis (AT&T). He oversees the North American operations and the US based corporate staff.

A Seattle native, Joe is a former hockey coach and professional musician who enjoys writing, playing music and spending time in the mountains and remote coastal beaches of the Pacific Northwest.

Scott McBurney

VP of Business Development

Scott joined ADVANCED BusinessLink as one of the first local team members following our move into the US market in mid 1995. Starting as a senior sales team member, his responsibilities quickly grew to include product positioning and marketing, product management and industry analysis. Scott began his career as an IBM Sales rep in New York, and then moved to Cellular One prior to joining ADVANCED BusinessLink.

He is an East Coast native and earned his bachelor's degree from Middlebury College. Outside the office you will see Scott spending his time as a ski or lacrosse coach, working with the youth in his church, and with his wife and two boys.


Alexandre Meiffredy

Directeur Général France

Alexandre has over 10 years experience in software industry sales and general management, joining ADVANCED BusinessLink in 2002 to launch, develop and manage the French operation. He has a solid background in the creation and execution of strategic planning for taking new concepts/technologies to market as business solutions.

Alexandre was born in Paris and has lived both in France and Berlin, Germany. Outside the office, he enjoys spending time with family, a love for literature and gastronomy (the art and science of good eating).