Your Problem

Since the creation of the AS / 400 in 1988, user interfaces have no or little change. At a time graphics applications, tactile and multimedia, character-5250 interfaces convey an image of the aging IBM i platform, especially among younger users.

Your Needs

  • Replace your emulations 5250 by a thick client emulation lightweight secure customer 5250
  • Having a 5250 suitable for power outages experienced in 3G connection
  • Reduce your deployment costs, improve user satisfaction


Solution: Strategi ACCESSTM

  • 5250 Emulator accessible from any web browser
  • Has all the features of Client Access
  • Central installation on IBM i, nothing is installed on user workstations
  • IBM i security compliance, https, digital certificates, SSL
  • The user has several sessions in a single window
  • The user gets to his office spools format choice (word, excel, pdf, html)
  • After an accidental power failure, the user retrieves their work session

Features and Benefits

Speed of implementation

  • Solution "plug and play" with central installation on IBM i
  • Nothing is installed on user workstations
  • Works in all versions of OS / 400


  • Retains the same response time as Client Access
  • Requires no additional IBM i resources
  • Does not increase the bandwidth used
  • Retains all the key entry functions

Windows phones

  • Emulation also available on windows phone 
    (HTC, Nokia, Samsung)
  • Adapted for touch usage features: Dynamic resizing of the screen


  • Respect for IBM i security
  • Https connection and digital certificates
  • Data stream encryption 5250 128-bit
  • Limiting access to authorized IP ranges

Functional enrichment

  • Multisession tabs within a single window
  • Access session in its spools and other states IBM i in the desired size office (word, excel, pdf)
  • Retains and reassigns the session when an accidental power failure

Graphic enrichment

  • Emulation or character-user choice of a graphic styles available
  • Menus and clickable buttons functions