Your Problem

After equipped showcase websites, many companies want to implement e-commerce solutions. But the solutions are rarely integrated with IBM i applications. Resulting dual application maintenance, inconsistencies, data not updated in real time, costly outsourcing and unresponsive to change.

Your Needs

  • Develop an e-commerce application on full web with your own IBM i RPG / COBOL programming skills
  • Control the costs of your website, gain independence, flexibility and agility
  • Reliable information, simplify your hardware and software architecture


Solution: Strategi SOATM

  • The web application uses the business logic of your IBM i applications
  • The website information is produced by the RPG existing programs / COBOL
  • Your developers RPG / COBOL do not need to learn new programming languages
  • User interfaces can be developed in html, flash, etc. on any type of web access (web browser, smartphones, etc.)
  • Your web application benefits from the reliability, power, and security of your IBM i

Features and Benefits

Streamlining developments

  • Avoid rewriting existing business rules and the replication of databases on an external web server
  • Observe standards of SOA by reuse of business components developed in RPG / COBOL
  • Your current RPG programs become services programs that can feed either a 5250 interface or a web interface

Reliability of Information

  • The accessed information is produced by the RPG existing programs / Cobol
  • Users have real-time information without updating offset

Web usability for user

  • The well developed web applications support any type of user interface: HTML, FLASH, WML, etc.
  • On any type of web access (browser, PDA, etc.)


  • Profile management and authentication in a secure area of ​​the IFS
  • Https connection and digital certificates
  • 128-bit data stream encryption
  • Dedicated and waterproof communications ports
  • Traceability of users


  • The calculation programs continue to be developed in RPG, which ensures the best performance
  • The multi-thread support ensures mongée

Maintain control of its applications

  • You avoid outsourcing of your web applications
  • You make your move faster business rules that are only developed in RPG / COBOL
  • No double maintenance of business rules in another development language (java, .net, php)