Your Problem

The enterprise application deployment mobility is now inevitable to improve the productivity of mobile users. How to set up a mobility solution that communicates directly with my existing IBM i applications, relying only on my skills in RPG / Cobol?

Your Needs

  • Extend mobility using your existing IBM i applications on any type of communicating object: smartphones, tablets or industrial terminals
  • Control the costs of your mobile solution
  • Arrange mobility of real time information
  • With your RPG / COBOL development skills


Solution: Strategi MobileTM

  • The first 100% native mobile solution IBM i
  • No front-end server, not to database replication, no rewriting business rules
  • Is fully based on your IBM i RPG applications / existing Cobol
  • Free choice of mobile device: smartphones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), tablets, 
    rugged terminals
  • Input Interface / consultation developed customized according to user needs
  • IPhone app to retrieve its IBM i spool files
  • Compliance with the highest safety standards
  • Economic and scalable solution, not depending on the material chosen mobility

Features and Benefits

Implementation speed specialist for IBM i

  • The mobility solution relies on the management rules of your existing IBM i applications
  • The databases to be accessed on the move remain on the IBM i. No need to create a new database repository on a third-party server
  • User interface skeletons are delivered to RPG / COBOL developers

100% response to the needs of the mobile user

  • Free choice of any type of mobile terminal according to the functional needs of the user mobility smartphones (iPhone, Android,
    Windows Mobile), tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer), or industrial or embedded rugged terminals (Psion , Motorola, Intermec)
  • User interface developed to measure according to the size of the terminal and business needs of the mobile user.

Advanced multimedia facilities

  • User Interfaces can use all the multimedia facilities of mobile terminal (GPS, barcode reading, photos, video, etc.)
  • IBM i spools can be pushed, displayed and printed from the mobile terminal


  • Computing power is that provided by the IBM i
  • The data exchanged between IBM i and the mobile terminal are only useful data
  • The communications middleware layer is written natively on the IBM i, and has nothing to do with other tools "worn" on IBM i
  • The I / O in your RPG programs are native IBM i


  • Respect for IBM i security and enhanced authentication system
  • SSL encryption of information exchanged between IBM i programs and the mobile terminal making it impossible or listening interception of IP frames on the network
  • For mobile web applications, possible connection to the IBM i https
  • No data resident on the mobile device in case of theft or loss by the user

Controlling costs

  • The implementation of mobility can be developed and maintained by your existing development teams without necessarily resorting to outsourcing. 
  • The application mobility operates your IBM i system resources without the need to upgrade or purchase an additional server
  • The application is resident on the IBM i, does not generate costs of deploying or updating
  • Respect for others 3 development of standards can change a calculation rule in RPG / COBOL without any impact on mobile


  • The application is not dependent on a particular material: technical progress, we can move to new hardware without compromising application
  • For mobile web applications, compatibility with all browsers on the market
  • The operation of the application of mobility is guaranteed even in case of changing your IBM i (upgrade, upgrade the OS, etc ...)