Your Problem

Since the creation of the AS400 in 1988, user interfaces have had little or no change. During a time ruled by graphic applications and multimedia, the old 5250 interfaces convey an image of the aging IBM i platform, especially among younger users.

Your Needs

  • Instantly transform 5250 interfaces into graphical interfaces
  • Customize the 5250 application graphics to match your company colors
  • Effortlessly transform your interfaces without touching your existing programs or impacting performance


Solution: Strategi webSTYLETM

  • 5250 screens are transformed into screens 5250 thin client web graphics
  • You do not touch the sources of the programs nor recompile DDS
  • Modernizes any screen: internal applications or software packages
  • Display performance are those of a 5250 character-mode screen
  • No double 5250 maintenance and Graphics
  • No deployment on user workstations: access via a web browser
  • Graphic Enrichment: radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down menus
  • Functional enrichment: multi-session, spools converted into pdf, word, excel
  • Respect for IBM i security, https, digital certificates, SSL

Features and Benefits

Non intrusive solution

  • No need to modify or recompile existing applications or screens programs (DDS)
  • Does not create dual maintenance
  • Transforms any scree : internally developed applications, software packages on the market, use of AGL

Graphic enrichment

  • Automatic adoption of standard Windows graphics facilities: radio buttons, check boxes, combo boxes, drop-down menus
  • Added intuitive graphics features: clickable icons, graphics calendars, F4 button


  • Retains the same response time as the 5250 character application mode
  • Requires no additional IBM i resources
  • Does not increase the bandwidth used
  • Keeps keyboard input facilities, function keys, buffering of data

Speed ​​of implementation

  • The graphic customization to your company's colors takes a few hours
  • The setting transformation rules applies to all application screens


  • Respect for IBM i security
  • Https connection and digital certificates
  • Data stream encryption 5250 128-bit
  • Limiting access to authorized IP ranges

Functional enrichment

  • Multi-session tabs within a single window
  • Recovery in its session of its IBM i spool files and other states
  • Dynamic interface with other user applications: GED, CRM

Ease of administration

  • No double Maintenance
  • No deployment on user workstations
  • Installation and administration only on 
    IBM i