Your Problem

IBM i applications - AS / 400 was not designed to communicate with web applications. Result: disconnected websites IBM Information System i RPG business logic to be redeveloped into a new language, synchronization of tape, less reliability, flexibility and adaptability of the IS to business developments.

Your Needs

  • Allow access to your website in real-time application intelligence RPG (stock price)
  • Communicate in real time applications like CRM devices and IBM i applications
  • Allow your RPG / COBOL applications to consume Web services (google map, directories, scoring)


Solution: Strategi webSERVICESTM

  • Access to IBM i specialists without the need to know Java or .net
  • Implementation and learning curve very fast: two days for RPG developers
  • Based on a communication standard adopted by all: wsdl, soap, xml, http, tcp / ip
  • Native solution and only on IBM i: no front-end server, no application server
  • Extremely effective solution: the execution time of the millisecond
  • Supports scalability with no upgrade hardware and OS IBM i
  • Traceability and analysis of all webservices: logs log, response time
  • Guarantee upward compatibility: OS / 400 Version 4.3 minimum and + + Version 1.4 and java
  • Console setup simple and complete: import wsdl, simulation queries, etc.

Features and Benefits

Getting started with your RPG/Cobol teams

  • Production web services without writing a single line of code in java or .net
  • Very fast learning curve: two days of training for an RPG developer
  • A unique and intuitive configuration tool to produce or consume a webservice


  • Solution 100% native IBM i
  • No resource consumer IBM i server application
  • Execution time for a webservice on IBM i on the order of a millisecond
  • Scalability guarantee: over 100 million webservices executed without IBM i upgrade

Consume a webservice in a program RPG/COBOL - Transactional Workflow

Stability and Scalability

  • The configuration tool is updated based on the latest developments W3C (consortium of IBM, Microsoft, Oracle)
  • Backward compatibility OS / 400: 4.3 minimum and following (including 7.1)
  • Proven solution by hundreds of customers worldwide


  • Compliance with the highest safety standards
  • Message encryption in 128 bits
  • Dedicated and waterproof communications ports

Produce a webservice in a program RPG/COBOL - Transactional Workflow

Controlling costs

  • Avoids to use subcontracting companies to write webservices
  • No hidden costs or induced
  • No mobilization of additional human resources: either in development or maintenance

IBM i application modernization

  • Refocusing the intelligence business on IBM i avoiding rewriting in new languages
  • RPG applications are enriched through the use of processes executed on other platforms
  • Collaboration facilitated between heterogeneous development teams (RPG / Java)
  • Increased flexibility and adaptability of IBM i applications to changing business rules